About Food – Red Tkemali Sauce

Tkemali (Georgian ტყემალი) is the Georgian name for a variety of wild, sour plum, as well as a sauce made from the plums. Tkemali sauce is used as a condiment for fried or grilled meat, poultry and potato dishes, and has a place in Georgian cuisine similar to tomato ketchup in America. Green Tkemali sauce is prepared from unripe fruit … Continue reading

About Food – Eggplant with Ajika and Mayonnaise

Eggplant dishes are very popular in Georgia and always form part of a supra (traditional Georgian feast). There are many variations and in this family recipe we show how to make eggplant with ajika and mayonnaise. Ajika (Georgian: აჯიკა) is a hot, spicy paste used to flavor meat and fish dishes mainly in Samegrelo and Abkhazia. It is … Continue reading

About Food – Ostri

Ostri is a hot, spicy beef stew that is very popular in Georgia, both as a home prepared meal and as a dish in restaurants. Ingredients: 800 grams of lean beef, 100 grams of butter, 3 large onions, 4 large tomatoes, 1 tbs of hot red pepper, 1 tsp of dried coriander, 200 grams of marinated … Continue reading

About Food – Cherry Muraba

Cherry Muraba is a preserve made with cherries and sugar. It can be eaten as a dessert or used as a jam. In Georgia, it is usually made in June when cherries are ripe. It can be made with or without water. Making it without water produces a very thick muraba. In this recipe we have made it … Continue reading

About Food – Ossetian Meat Pie

In this traditional Ossetian recipe we show how to make Fydzhin, one of the most popular Ossetian dishes. A meat filled pie, it can be made with a beef filling or a mix of beef and pork or beef and lamb. We made ours with beef and pork. This meat filled pie is similar to Svanetian Kubdari (Georgian: … Continue reading

About Food – New Potato and Cheese Soup

In this quick and easy to make family recipe we show how to make a delicious soup with new potatoes, cheese, sour cream and dill. Ingredients: 300 grams of small new potatoes, 200 grams of new Imeretian cheese (or mozzarella), 2 green onions, 200 grams of sour cream, 1 egg, 1 tsp of black pepper, 1 … Continue reading

About Food – Boiled and Fried Khachapuri

This recipe for boiled and also fried khachapuri is from a Georgian cookery book published in 1909. This dish is rarely prepared these days as the recipe has been largely forgotten. There are several versions, including with or without cheese. The boiled khachapuri can be served with butter, sour cream or a sprinkling of cinnamon and … Continue reading

About Food – Ossetian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

In this traditional recipe from South Ossetia we show how to make meatballs in tomato sauce topped with a hard boiled egg. The dish is also popular in Shida Kartli region (Georgian: შიდა ქართლი). Ingredients for meat balls: 600 grams of minced beef, 2 eggs, 200 grams of white bread, 1 level tsp of Summer Savoury, … Continue reading

About Food – Apyrpylchapa

Apyrpylchapa is a dish from Abkhazia region made with marinated sweet peppers, walnuts and herbs. Similar versions are made in other regions of Georgia, especially in western Georgia. Ingredients for filling: 6 large, sweet red peppers, 200 grams of walnuts, 1 tbs Ajika (click here for a recipe), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 10 grams of fresh parsley, 1 tbs of … Continue reading

About Food – Khachapuri with Tarragon

Georgians are very fond of the herb tarragon, which they call tarkhuna (Georgian: ტარხუნა). It used to flavor meat stews, grilled trout, salads and many other dishes. In this recipe we show how to make a khachapuri flavored with tarragon. Khachapuri (Georgian: ხაჭაპური) is justifiably considered to be one of Georgia’s national dishes and is popular in restaurants and in … Continue reading

About Food – Chicken with Eggplant and Spices

Eggplant dishes are very popular in Georgia and there are many variations. In this recipe we show how to make a popular family dish made with fried eggplant, chicken, sour cream and spices. Ingredients: 400 grams of chicken breast, 400 grams of eggplant, 1 tbs of red pepper, 1 ts of blue fenugreek, 1 ts of … Continue reading

About Food – Beef Kharsho

Kharsho (Georgian: ხარშო), also known as Kharcho, is a traditional Georgian dish, usually made with beef or chicken but can also be made with other meats. It can be made with walnuts and with or without rice. In this recipe we show how to make Kharsho with beef and rice. Ingredients: 700 grams of beef, 100 grams of … Continue reading

About Food – Mushroom Chakapuli

Wild Oyster mushrooms are called ‘Kalmakha’ in Georgia and grow on the bark of trees. They look, smell and taste like oysters and are a popular meal in Georgia. In this recipe we show how to make an oyster mushroom chakapuli. Ingredients: 1 kilo of Oyster mushrooms, 3 hot green peppers, 3 white onions, 10 green onions, 10 grams … Continue reading

About Food – Stuffed Eggplant and Tomato

Tolma (Georgian: ტოლმა), known as Dolma in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, is a popular meal in Georgia and there are many variations. It usually describes a filled, hollowed-out vegetable or a filling wrapped in a leaf. Fillings can include meat and vegetables. In this recipe we show how to make tolma with eggplant and tomatoes. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading

About Food – Megrelian version of Chvishtari

Chvishtari (also called chishdvaar) is a cornbread with cheese from Georgia’s Svaneti region. It is also popular in Samegrelo region but made in a slightly different way. In this recipe we will show how to make the Megrelian version of Chvishtari. Ingredients (for 6 servings): 200 grams of Sulguni cheese (Georgian: სულუგუნი). Sulguni is a cheese from the Samegrelo … Continue reading

About Food – Buzhbuzha

In this family recipe from Georgia’s Racha region we show how to make a delicious bacon meal. It is made with the famous Rachuli bacon from Racha but any good quality smoked, fatty bacon can be used. Ingredients: 300 grams of smoked, fatty bacon. We used Rachuli bacon from Georgia’s Racha region. Other ingredients: 5 onions, … Continue reading