About Food – Mushroom Chakapuli

Wild Oyster mushrooms are called ‘Kalmakha’ in Georgia and grow on the bark of trees. They look, smell and taste like oysters and are a popular meal in Georgia. In this recipe we show how to make an oyster mushroom chakapuli. Ingredients: 1 kilo of Oyster mushrooms, 3 hot green peppers, 3 white onions, 10 green onions, 10 grams … Continue reading

About Food – Chakapuli (Georgian: ჩაქაფული)

Chakapuli (Georgian: ჩაქაფული) is a popular Georgian stew made with lamb or beef, dry white wine, tarragon leaves, unripe (sour) green plums, green onions, green peppers, green coriander, garlic and salt. It is popular in the Spring when the plums are unripe. Ingredients (6 servings): 700 grams of diced lamb or beef. 150 grams of wild sour green plums. 200 … Continue reading