About Sights – Gori Fortress

Gori Fortress (Georgian: გორის ციხე) is a 13th century castle in Georgia, situated on a hill above the city of Gori (Georgian: გორი) in the Shida Kartli region of eastern Georgia. Located on the main highway connecting eastern and western parts of Georgia it was of strategic importance for many centuries and was attacked several times by invading armies.

Gori Fortress

Much of the structure seen today dates from the 17th and 18th centuries and was significantly damaged by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in 1920.

Walls of Gori Fortress

The herringbone patterns in the stonework of the walls are particularly striking.

Gori Fortress Walls

A block tower gatehouse serves as an entrance and exit.

Tower Gateway inside Gori Fortress

Arch in the Gateway to Gori Fortress

There are few remaining structures within the walls but spectacular views of the city, mountains and surrounding dark green plains of Shida Kartli from the battlements make a visit worthwhile.

Interior of Gori Fortress

View of the River from Gori Fortress

View of the Mountains from Gori Fortress

How to get there: A minibus from Tbilisi’s Didube (Metro Didube) bus station to the bus terminal in Gori will take about one and a half hours. The Tbilisi-Batumi night train passes through Gori at 11:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased only one hour in advance, so be sure to show up at the train station early.

Gori Castle

Once in Gori, the fortress is quite easy to find – just look up!

Gori Fortress Overlooking the Kartli Wine Festival - Copy

A cobblestone walking path was constructed up the side of the hill to the fortress several years ago but care needs to be taken when ascending and descending as the cobbles can be a little hard on the feet and quite slippery.

Entrance to the fortress is free.

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