About Food – Georgian Cheese at Tbilisoba 2014

Sulguni and Imeretian cheese are Georgia’s best known traditional cheeses but there are many others that are less well known but of outstanding quality and taste. Tbilisi’s annual October festival, “Tbilisoba” (Georgian: თბილისობა), was an opportunity for Georgia’s cheese makers to show off the diversity and quality of their cheeses to Tbilisi residents, visitors and tourists.     … Continue reading

About Food – Megrelian version of Chvishtari

Chvishtari (also called chishdvaar) is a cornbread with cheese from Georgia’s Svaneti region. It is also popular in Samegrelo region but made in a slightly different way. In this recipe we will show how to make the Megrelian version of Chvishtari. Ingredients (for 6 servings): 200 grams of Sulguni cheese (Georgian: სულუგუნი). Sulguni is a cheese from the Samegrelo … Continue reading

About Food – Georgian Sulguni Cheese

Sulguni (Georgian: სულგუნი) is a cheese from the Samegrelo region of Georgia. It has a sour, moderately salty flavor and an elastic consistency. Sulguni is made using only natural ingredients: normalized cow milk clotted by rennet with pure cultures of lactic bacteria. It is a “quick cheese” maturing in just one or two days. A typical sulguni … Continue reading

About Food – Baked Mushrooms Filled With Sulguni Cheese

In this recipe we will show how to make mushrooms filled with Sulguni cheese (Georgian: სოკო კეცზე) baked in butter in traditional Georgian clay “ketsi” dishes (Georgian: კეცი). For this recipe you will need 3 ketsi dishes (you can use oven proof dishes if you don’t have any ketsi). Ingredients (serves 3): 500 grams of … Continue reading

About Food – Chvishtari (Georgian Cornbread with Cheese)

Chvishtari (cornbread with cheese) comes from Svaneti (Georgian: სვანეთი), a mountainous province in the northwestern part of Georgia. There are several types of Chvishtari and in this recipe we will show how to make one of the most popular. Ingredients (for 6 servings). 300 grams of Sulguni cheese (Georgian: სულუგუნი). Sulguni (also called Suluguni) is a pickled Georgian cheese from … Continue reading