About Food – Ossetian Meat Pie

In this traditional Ossetian recipe we show how to make Fydzhin, one of the most popular Ossetian dishes. A meat filled pie, it can be made with a beef filling or a mix of beef and pork or beef and lamb. We made ours with beef and pork. This meat filled pie is similar to Svanetian Kubdari (Georgian: … Continue reading

About Food – Mtskheturi Gvezeli

In this recipe we will show how to make a popular Georgian dish called Mtskheturi Gvezeli (Georgian: მცხეთური ღვეზელი). It can be filled with meat (beef or a pork/beef mix), potato, mushrooms or cheese. We have made the meat (pork/beef mix) version. Ingredients (around 10 servings): Dough – 1 kilo of flour (800 grams for the dough and 200 … Continue reading