About Food – White Cherry Muraba with Hazelnuts

White cherry Muraba with hazelnuts is a preserve made with cherries, hazelnuts and sugar. Eaten as a dessert, it is usually made in June when cherries are ripe.

White cherry muraba with hazelnutsIngredients: 2 kilos of white cherries (weight without stones), 2 kilos of sugar, 500 grams of hazelnuts (weight without shells), and two thirds tsp of vanilla.

IngredientsWash the cherries and remove stalks and stones.

Remove stones from the cherriesShell and chop the hazelnuts into pieces that can be inserted into the cherries. Insert a piece of hazelnut into each cherry.

Adding hazelnutAdd 2 kilos of sugar to a deep pot and then add 500 ml of water.

adding-water-to-sugar-copy2Heat on a low temperature, stirring continuously until it forms a syrup.

stirring-the-sugar-water-mixture-copyAdd the filled cherries to a deep pot and pour in the sugar/water syrup. Bring to the boil and allow to simmer on a low temperature for 3 hours, stirring occasionally.

Boiling in syrupAdd the vanilla. Stir carefully and continue to simmer on a low temperature for 10 minutes.

Adding VanilaAllow to cool until warm. Store in sealed jars in a refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

Boiled white cherriesServing: Serve cold, as a dessert.

White cherry muraba with hazelnutsEnjoy your White Cherry Muraba with Hazelnuts!

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  1. puzzleblume says:

    I have never seen white cherries before and had no idea, to put hazelnuts and cherries in one, but it seems to be worth a try!

  2. postdot says:

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