About Food – Gebzhalia with Cottage Cheese

Gebzhalia (Georgian: გებჟალია) is a softened cheese dish from Georgia’s Samegrelo region. Traditionally prepared using cottage cheese, it can also be made with matsoni (click here for recipe). In this recipe we have used cottage cheese.

Gebzhalia with Cottage Cheese - CopyIngredients: 1 kilo of new cheese (we used Imeretian cheese), 500 grams of cottage cheese, 1 liter of milk (or water), 100 grams of fresh mint, and salt (amount dependent upon personal preference).

Ingredients for gebzhalia with cottage cheese - CopyChop the mint, add to a mortar and crush together with salt.

Crush the mint and salt - CopySlice the cheese.

Slice the cheeseBoil water in a large pot and add the cheese as soon as the water is boiling.

Add cheese to a pot - CopyUse a wooden spoon to smash the cheese. After 2 minutes, turn off the heat and continue to smash the cheese for another 2-3 minutes until the cheese is soft and flexible.

Softening the cheese - CopyRemove the softened cheese and place on a wet wooden preparation board.

Remove the softened cheese - CopyUse your hands and fingers to knead and flatten the cheese.

Flatten the softened cheese - CopyAdd the softened cheese to a plate and flatten and smooth it into a circular shape..

Add the softened cheese to a plate - CopyAdd the cottage cheese to a mixing bowl, together with half of the crushed mint. Mix thoroughly.

Add ground mint to cottage cheeseAdd 1 liter of milk. Mix thoroughly.

Adding milk - CopyThe consistency of the mixture should look like the picture below.

Mixing the cottage cheese - CopyCarefully spread the remaining half of the crushed mint to the surface of the gebzhalia.

Adding mint - CopyUse a knife to cut the gebzhalia into portions. Pour the cottage cheese mixture over the gebzhalia.

Adding cottage cheese mixture - CopyServing: Serve cold. We garnished ours with a little fresh mint.

Gebzhalia with Cottage Cheese ready for serving - CopyEnjoy your Gebzhalia with Cottage Cheese!

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