About Food – Pastry with Lobio and Fried Onions

Kidney beans (lobio) are the main ingredient in Georgia’s famous Lobiani bean bread. In this family recipe from Georgia’s Imereti region we show how to make a pastry filled with kidney beans, flavored with fried onions and spices. Ingredients (filling for 6 to 8 servings): 1 kilo of kidney beans, 4 onions, 80 grams of parsley, 1 … Continue reading

About Food – Kubdari

Kubdari (Georgian: კუბდარი) is a meat filled pastry that originates from Georgia’s Svaneti region, where it is also called ‘kuptaari’. It can be made with either beef or pork but the most popular version uses both. It should be made with cut meat and not minced meat. Ingredients (filling): 500 grams of pork, 500 grams … Continue reading

About Food – Wild Oyster Mushroom Pastry

Wild Oyster mushrooms are called ‘Kalmakha’ in Georgia and grow on the bark of trees. They look, smell and taste like oysters and are a popular ingredient in Georgian cuisine. In this family recipe we show how to prepare wild oyster mushroom filled pastries. Ingredients for the filling (8 servings): 700 grams of wild oyster mushrooms, 100 … Continue reading