About Food – Blackberry Muraba

Blackberry Muraba is a preserve made with blackberries and sugar. It can be eaten as a dessert or used as a jam. In Georgia, it is usually made in July when blackberries are ripe. It can be made with or without water. Making it without water produces a thicker muraba. Ingredients: 2 kilos of blackberries and 2 kilos … Continue reading

About Food – Rachuli Blackberry Sauce with Roast Chicken

Wild blackberries can be found throughout Georgia’s mountainous Racha region (Georgian: რაჭა) and the berries are used extensively in local cuisine. Blackberry sauce is used for special occasions and celebrations. In this recipe we show how to make Rachuli blackberry sauce to accompany a roast chicken. Ingredients: 400 grams of blackberries, 1 whole chicken, 25 grams of fresh green coriander, … Continue reading