About Food – Arashykh Syzbal

Arashykh Syzbal is an Abkhazian sauce similar to bazhe sauce but made with ajika. It is eaten with fried or boiled chicken or turkey. It is also used as a sauce for Abkhazian ‘abysta’, which is similar to ‘gomi’ (Georgian: ღომი).

Arashykh Syzbal served with Chicken_1

Ingredients: 300 grams of walnuts, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 tbs of Ajika (click link for recipe), 1 tbs of Akhkhyla (Abkhazian spice mix – click link for recipe), and salt.

Preparation: Grind the walnuts and garlic together.

Grinding Walnuts and Garlic - Copy

Re-grind the ground walnuts and garlic.

Re-grinding walnuts and garlic

Add 1 tbs of Ajika, 1 tbs of Akhkhyla (Abkhazian spice mix), and salt. Mix thoroughly.

Adding Ajika and spices

Gradually add boiled, cooled water until the mixture has a smooth consistency. The mixture should look like the picture below.

Arashykh Syzbal ready for serving

Serving: Serve cold with chicken or turkey. We added walnut oil.

Arashykh Syzbal served with Chicken_3

Enjoy your Arashykh Syzbal!

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