About Celebrations – Bagrati Church Receives New Cross

August 17 was declared a one-off public holiday in Georgia’s second-largest city, Kutaisi.

The cause for celebration was the placing of a 2.14 meter bronze cross on top of the recently restored dome of Bagrati Church (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი) in the city of Kutaisi, in the region of Imereti.

President Saakashvili, Archbishop Kalistrate of the Georgian Orthodox Church and hundreds of Imeretians attended the ceremony, during which, the President climbed to the top of the church to help place the cross.

Devastated by an explosion during an invasion of the Kingdom of Imereti by the Ottoman army in 1692, the church dome and roof were destroyed and this magnificent church lay in ruins for centuries.

Bagrati Church Before Restoration

Thanks to an extensive restoration process the church will soon be restored to its former glory.

Bagrati Church Undergoing Restoration

Named after Bagrat III, the first king of a unified Georgia, this early 11th century church is seen as a symbol of the unity of the Georgian state.

Earlier in June, President Saakashvili said, “It is very important to us to restore the Bagrati Church. Bagrati is a symbol of the unification of Georgia, and we need a functioning church instead of ruins; a place where it will be possible to pray and hold liturgies; a symbol of the rise and rehabilitation of Georgia.”

Icon Above the Entrance to Bagrati Church

The church is listed as a World Heritage site by the United Nations’ scientific and cultural organization UNESCO and is regarded as a masterpiece of medieval Georgian architecture.

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9 Responses to “About Celebrations – Bagrati Church Receives New Cross”
  1. Georgia is really doing quite a bit to restore its buildings. That’s wonderful!

    • A lot of churches and historical buildings are being restored and preserved. Georgia has so many ancient and wonderful buildings. It is a huge task but hugely important to preserve this rich heritage.

  2. eripanwkevin says:

    The sprits of restore those old historical buildings is great! Even before restoration
    “Bagrati Church” has its dignity. 🙂

  3. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Beautiful church before restoration and looks like it will be even more beautiful when it is restored. Hugs

  4. My word, what a huge undertaking, to restore the church. It is so beautiful that I’m glad they went to the trouble.

  5. What a beautiful church! WOW! As always we are in awe! 🙂

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