About News – Charles Aznavour sings at opening ceremony of restored Rabati Castle

On August 16, world famous French singer Charles Aznavour sang in a special concert as part of the opening ceremony of the recently restored Rabati castle in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.

The concert was followed by fireworks and the unveiling of a ‘star’ that will be placed inside Rabati castle, honoring the singer.

Charles Aznavour with President Mikheil Saakashvili, the first lady Sandra Roelofs and 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Lasha Shavdatuashvili

Addressing the audience, Aznavour said, “As you know my father was born in Akhaltsikhe, so we are compatriots. If my father had not migrated, I would have lived with you.”

Restoration of the ancient fortress began last year and lasted 10 months. It is expected to become one of Georgia’s top tourist attractions.

Click here to see pictures of the restoration process.

How to get there? Many visitors arrive in Akhaltsikhe from Posof in Turkey, the backdoor route over the mountains into Georgia.

The Mosque inside Rabati Castle was built in 1752 by Azi Akhmed Pasha.

If you are already in Georgia and want to visit, the principal road route to Akhaltsikhe runs from Georgia’s main East-West highway (E60) at the spur in Khashuri leading to Borjomi. Minibuses run to Akhaltsikhe’s main market/bus station from Tbilisi’s Didube market, as well as from the bus stations in Kutaisi and Khashuri.

Akhaltsikhe is connected to the main Batumi–Tbilisi–Baku railroad by a spur through Borjomi ending in Akhaltsikhe.

Georgia About recommends a visit to the magnificently restored Rabati Castle at Akhaltsikhe.

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15 Responses to “About News – Charles Aznavour sings at opening ceremony of restored Rabati Castle”
  1. That concert must have been awesome!

  2. Whoever is behind the architectural push is a saint, a hero, and a genius; sooooo beautiful!

    • President Mikheil Saakashvili has led this architectural revival Esther, including the stunning modern designs such as the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi.

  3. bonesdiary says:

    I thought old Charlie died years ago? Looks like a brilliant castle though.

  4. onecoolgriff says:

    How exquisite! I would love to visit and am putting it on my list. It’s wonderful when we see a piece of history brought back to us.

  5. eripanwkevin says:

    The french singer Charles Aznavour is so sweet to visit his birthplace and to make people happy with his concert! Wow, the Rabati castle is pawsome! It seemed to need so much effort and time to restore it according to the process! I’d love to visit someday! 🙂

  6. What a great castle! Were there ever any battles or seiges there? It must remind Tall Person of England! 🙂

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