About Sights – Tushetoba Festival

“Tushetoba” (Georgian: თუშეთობა) is a festival held every summer in Tusheti National Park. The festival celebrates Tushetian cultural heritage and is traditionally opened with horse racing. A flag and a sheep is awarded to the winner.

Riders at the Tushetoba Festival

The horse race is always hotly contested!

Horse Racing at the Tushetoba Festival

Tusheti (Georgian: თუშეთი) is an isolated mountainous region in the north east of Georgia where life has remained largely unchanged for centuries. The festival aims to present Tusheti culture to visitors and help promote tourism in this beautiful part of Georgia.

Tushetoba Festival

Visitors can watch demonstrations of traditional Tusheti cheese-making and see how Khinkali is made.

Traditional Cuisine at the Tushetoba Festival

Traditional crafts are displayed, including the famous Tushetian embroidery and hand-made thick felt.

Display of Tushetian Art at Tushetoba Festival

Traditional Tushetian musical instruments, folk songs and Tush melodies create a lively and truly unforgettable event.

Carpets and Singers at the Tushetoba Festival

Horse Race at the Tushetoba Festival

Come and join in the spectacular Tushetoba Festival!

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  1. Michael Kollig ( Germany ) says:

    If it,s already fixed, please send me the date of the tushetoba festival in omalo for 2017.

    many thanks in advance from germany

    Michael Kollig

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