About Tbilisi – A Smart City

In his blog, “Smart Cities for Dummies,” published last November, Dan Hoornweg contends: “At its core a smart city is a welcoming, inclusive city, an open city. By being forthright with citizens, with clear accountability, integrity, and fair and honest measures of progress, cities get smarter.” Tbilisi is fast becoming known as a smart city … Continue reading

About Development – Tbilisi Emergencies Control Center

In May 2012, a futuristic building, looking very much like a flying saucer, became part of Tbilisi’s cityscape. The building houses Tbilisi’s Emergencies Control Center and unifies control of fire, rescue, medical emergency and patrolling services. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day by dialing telephone number 112 from any mobile and fixed telecommunication network. … Continue reading