About Culture – Atengenoba Festival

Around 100 days after Easter an ancient festival called “Atengenoba” (Georgian: ათენგენობა) takes place in villages in Tusheti (Georgian: თუშეთი), an isolated mountainous region in the north east of Georgia where life has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Although the Tush are Christian, their culture has retained elements of Georgia’s pre-Christian beliefs and pagan practices still persist. Each village … Continue reading

About Food – Make Your Own Supra (Georgian Feast) with our Step-by-Step Georgian Recipes

Create your own Supra (Georgian feast) with our step-by-step photo recipes. A Supra (Georgian: სუფრა) is a traditional Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian culture. A festive supra, for a special celebration is called a Keipi (ქეიფი). During a Georgian supra, the role of the “tamada” or toastmaster, is an important and honored tradition. The tamada … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Rtveli (Georgian Wine Harvest and Festivities)

Rtveli (Georgian: რთველი) is the traditional vintage (the process of picking grapes and making wine) accompanied by celebrations that mark the end of the agricultural cycle for the year. For centuries, viticulture has been of great economic importance to Georgia. Today, there are more than 175,000 acres planted with vines. The vine also has an iconic and … Continue reading