About Food – Quince Muraba

Quince is bright golden-yellow when it matures in late autumn and has a strongly perfumed flesh. The cooked fruit has been used throughout history as a food. In Georgia, the fruit is cooked with sugar to make Quince Muraba.

Quince Muraba - Copy

Ingredients: 2 kilos of ripe quince, 2 kilos of sugar and 1.5 liters of water.

Quince - Copy

Preparation: Wash the quince thoroughly. Cut each quince in half and remove the hard center and seeds.

Removing Seeds from Quince - Copy

Cut the quince into small to medium sized chunks and add to a deep pot. Add 1.5 liters of water. Bring to the boil and continue to cook on a medium temperature for 30 minutes.

Quince prepared for cooking - Copy

Use a colander to drain the juice from the cooked quince into a bowl. Leave the cooked quince in the colander for 15 minutes.

Draining quince in a sieve - Copy

Measure out 400 ml of the quince juice and add to a pot. Add 2 kilos of sugar to the juice and cook on a very low temperature for around 10 minutes, until all of the sugar has dissolved and the juice has thickened.

Adding water to sugar and quince juice - Copy

Add the quince chunks to the pot of juice/sugar mixture.

Adding quince chunks - Copy

Cook on a very low temperature.

Cooking quince (2) - Copy

The quince will turn a reddish color. This can take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours or even longer. When cooked, bottle the quince muraba in airtight jars and store in a refrigerator or a dark, cool place.

Cooking Quince - Copy

Serving: Serve as a dessert. In Georgia, it is also added to tea to alleviate sore throats and coughs.

Quince Muraba ready for serving - Copy

Enjoy your Quince Muraba!

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4 Responses to “About Food – Quince Muraba”
  1. Ema Jones says:

    Can I use coconut sugar instead of this sugar?

    • Bassa's Blog says:

      I have never used it but I do know it can be used instead of sugar when making jam. If you do try the recipe with coconut sugar please let me know how it turns out.

      • Ema Jones says:

        Coconut sugar takes more time to blend than normal sugar, its texture is coarse, but it enhances the flavor and people fond of the coconut flavor, enjoy it to the fullest, that is what my learning says. I’ll let ya know when I’ll try the recipe with coconut sugar 🙂

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