About Food – Melon Muraba

Melon Muraba is a preserve made with melon and sugar. It has a wonderful, subtle flavor enhanced by spices and can be eaten as a dessert or as a candy, or used as a cake decoration or as a jam. In Georgia, it is usually made in July and August when melons are ripe.

Melon Muraba in jar - Copy

Ingredients: 1 thick skinned small to medium size water melon. Only the white part below the skin is used. This recipe used 1.2 kilos of the white part.

Thick Skinned Watermelon - Copy

1.7 kilos of sugar, 1 tbs of bicarbonate of soda, one third tsp of cinnamon powder, 2 cardamon seeds, 3 cloves, and one third tsp of vanilla powder. You will also need a selection of cookie cutters.

Ingredients and tools - Copy

See picture below for a close up of the spices used in this recipe.


Preparation: Cut the melon into six pieces and remove the red flesh. Only the white part below the melon skin is used. The flesh is not used in this recipe.

Remove the flesh

Cut the skin into fairly large pieces (see picture below) and use a spoon to carefully scoop out the red flesh.

Removing flesh of the melon - Copy

Remove the peel from the outer skin of each piece of melon.

Removing the Melon Peel - Copy

Discard the outer skins.

Discard the melon peel - Copy

The prepared slices should look like the ones in the picture below.

Peeled Melon Skin - Copy

Use cookie cutters to create different shapes from the strips of melon.

Making Melon Shapes - Copy

Carefully remove any remaining red flesh.

Removing melon flesh - Copy

Add to a bowl.

Melon Shapes - Copy

Use a fork to prick each piece three or four times. This will allow the bicarbonate of soda to penetrate.

Pricking the melon with a fork - Copy

Add the pieces to a deep pot.

Melon Shapes in Pot - Copy

Fill a cup with 200 ml of water and add 1 heaped tbs of bicarbonate of soda.

Adding Bicarbonate of Soda - Copy

Pour the dissolved bicarbonate of soda over the pieces of melon. Add 1 liter of cold water and stir thoroughly.

Adding Bicarbonate of Soda to Melons - Copy

Leave for 5 hours.

Leave for five hours - Copy

When ready, pour the melon pieces into a sieve held over a sink. Allow cold water to continuously pour over the melon pieces for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure the bicarbonate of soda is completely washed off.

Rinse in water - Copy

Add 900 grams of sugar to a deep pot. Mix with 1.5 liters of water. Bring to the boil on a low temperature, stirring continuously. Allow to simmer for five minutes.

Adding water to sugar - Copy

Add the melon pieces and stir thoroughly.

Add Melons - Copy

Bring to the boil on a low temperature. Allow to simmer for forty minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and allow to stand for 10 hours.

Cooking the melon - Copy

After 10 hours, add 800 grams of sugar, together with one third tsp of cinnamon powder, 2 cardamon seeds, 3 cloves, and one third tsp of vanilla powder. Stir.

Adding spices and sugar - Copy

Bring to the boil on a low temperature and allow to simmer for 40 minutes.

Cooked Melon Muraba - Copy

Storing: Prepare the jars and covers by washing them in very hot water and leaving until they are completely dry. Fill each jar with melons first and then carefully add the juice. This recipe should be sufficient to fill two 1 kilo jars. Store in a refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

Melon Muraba

Serving: Melon muraba can be served as a dessert or breakfast and can also be used as an ingredient for cakes.

Melon Muraba

Enjoy your Melon Muraba!

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