About Sights – Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum

The Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum is situated in a restored fortified tower in the village of Korsha, 2 km past the village of Barisakho in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.

Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum in the village of Korsha

Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum in the village of Korsha

Although small, the museum contains unique displays of Khevsur life, armour, weapons, clothing, domestic and agricultural implements and photographs.

Display at the Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum

Khevsureti (Georgian: ხევსურეთი, a land of valleys) is one of the most isolated historical provinces of Georgia. Situated in the Greater Caucasus Mountains it is cut off by heavy snow for much of the year and the access road over the high Datvis-Jvari Pass is only open from about June to October.

Display at the Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum_2

Due to their isolation the Khvesurs have retained many of their ancient traditions and religious practices. They speak a local dialect of the Georgian language that resembles the literary Georgian of the Middle Ages. Musical traditions also resemble music of the Middle Ages. Find out more about the Khevsurs here.

Display at the Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum_3

Georgia About recommends a visit to the Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum.

How to get there? The road to Khevsureti turns northeast off the Georgian Military Highway shortly before the Zhinvali Reservoir and runs up the Pshavis Aragvi valley to the village of Barisakho. The museum is about 2km past the village of Barisakho. Buses to Barisakho buses leave from Tbilisi’s Didube station four times a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 16.20. Buses from Barisakho to Tbilisi leave on the same days at 09.00.

Photos courtesy of the Ministry of Culture (კულტურის სამინისტრო).

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