About Food – Barbecue Pork with Red Onion

Barbecued meat is very popular in Georgia both as a family meal and also at feasts and celebrations. Pork is the most popular meat, followed by chicken. In this recipe we will show you how to prepare barbecued pork.

Barbecue Pork with Red Onion

Ingredients: 1 kilo of pork, 2 medium sized onions, 3-4 tbs white wine vinegar, 100 ml of white wine, half tsp of powdered or dry Berberis berries, 4 dried bay leaves, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper (optional).


Make a marinade: For best results do this at least 12 hours before cooking so that the meat becomes soft and full of flavor. Cut the pork into medium sized cubes – do not cut the fat off. Cut 2 onions into thin slices. Put the pork and onions into a bowl, thoroughly stir ingredients or use hands to mix. Add powdered Berberis, bay leaves, 100 ml of white wine,  3-4 tbs white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly and place bowl (covered) in the refrigerator. Leave for at least 12 hours.


When ready to barbecue, remove the marinated pork from the refrigerator and thread the individual pieces onto skewers (Georgian: შამფური). Sprinkle the meat with coarse salt.

Pork on Skewers

We use dead wood from our forest or dry vine branches (Georgian: წალამი) as barbecue fuel as we think it adds to the flavor of the meat. When the barbecue is hot place the skewers on the barbecue. Do not wait until one side is cooked and then rotate the skewers. Turn the skewers frequently to ensure the meat is evenly cooked.

Pork on Barbecue

When the meat is ready, use a piece of bread to slide the pieces from the skewers.

Barbecue Pork

Serving: Garnish the meat with slices of red onion and peppers (optional). For an authentic taste, serve with Georgian Tkemali sauce (Georgian: ტყემალი), Georgian bread and salad. Click here for Georgian salads.

Barbecue Pork_Peppers_Red Onion

Enjoy your barbecued pork!

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6 Responses to “About Food – Barbecue Pork with Red Onion”
  1. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious

  2. Eleenie says:

    It looks delicious! In Bulgaria also, pork and chicken are the most popular meats.

  3. Does anyone have a reasonable way to BBQ meat or make kebabs without cooking over an open fire? I have tried a few different ways of broiling in the oven and it never turns out nice

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  2. […] recipes that use dried berberis include: Ojakhuri – pork with potatoes; and Barbecued pork with red […]

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