About Sights – Leghvtakhevi in the Bath District of Tbilisi

The Tsavkisistskali River gorge is commonly referred to as “Leghvtakhevi” (Georgian: ლეღვთახევი) – fig gorge. Part of the gorge is located in the National Botanical Garden of Georgia and part is located in the Bath District (Abanotubani) of Tbilisi’s Old Town. In 2012, paths and bridges were constructed, trees planted and houses renovated in the Bath District section of … Continue reading


About Sights – New Life for Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s Old Town (Georgian: ძველი თბილისი) is one of the oldest parts of the city and nestles on the mountainside under the 4th century Narikala fortress (Georgian: ნარიყალა). The Old Town is part of the Tbilisi Historic District and contains a number of officially designated monuments, churches, cobbled streets and picturesque pastel colored wooden houses with … Continue reading