About History – The Golden Treasure of Vani

Colchis (Georgian: კოლხეთი) was an ancient Georgian kingdom in Western Georgia known in Greek mythology as the destination of Jason and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Renowned as a region rich in gold, the excavation of a series of rich burials and other discoveries at the town of Vani (Georgian: ვანი) … Continue reading

About History – Dzalisa Archaeological Site

Excavations in the 1970s at Dzalisa, near Georgia’s old capital of Mtskheta, revealed the remains of a Roman town dating to the 1st-4th centuries AD. It is considered to be one of the most significant archaeological sites of the Classical period in the kingdom of Kartli (Iberia) and has been identified as Zalissa, a town mentioned by the 2nd … Continue reading

About Sights – Batumi Archaeological Museum

Over 28,000 items from the Bronze Age through to Medieval times are stored at the Batumi Archaeological Museum (ბათუმის არქეოლოგიური მუზეუმი). Opened in 1994, the museum introduces visitors to the ancient history and culture of Georgia’s Ajara region. The museum’s principal collection consists of artifacts excavated at Pichvnari (Georgian: ფიჭვნარი) by the joint archaeological expedition of the Batumi Archaeological Museum and … Continue reading

About Sights – Nokalakevi Fortress

Nokalakevi (Georgian: ნოქალაქევი) is an archaeological site consisting of the remains of 4-6th century A.D fortress in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia. Occupying some 20 ha, the site was known to early Byzantine historians as Archaeopolis, and to Georgian chroniclers as Tsikhegoji (“Fortress of Kuji”). Occupying a strategic position in a loop of the Tekhuri River, … Continue reading

About History – The Oldest Europeans

A series of stunning palaeontological discoveries is challenging the conventional view that Africa is the sole cradle of humankind. Scientists have found a number of ancient human skulls at an archaeological site near the village of Dmanisi (Georgian: დმანისი) in Georgia that suggest a Eurasian chapter in the evolutionary story of mankind. Experts believe the fossilized bones date to … Continue reading