About Law Enforcement – Ford Interceptor Patrol Cars

Georgia’s patrol police force is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a fleet of new Ford Interceptor patrol cars (Georgian: ფორდ ინტერსეპტორი). This version of the Ford Taurus was created specifically for police use and before the Georgian police received these cars, the only police forces that used them were Canadian and American ones. Designed to … Continue reading

About Law Enforcement – Border Police of Georgia

The MIA Border Police of Georgia (Georgian: შსს საქართველოს სასაზღვრო პოლიცია) is a special service and law enforcement agency under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and is responsible for the protection of the State border. Georgia has borders totaling 1839 km with four countries (Republic of Turkey, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan … Continue reading

About Law Enforcement – Georgia is now one of the safest places in Europe

According to a 2011 crime and security survey conducted by Jan Van Dijk, Professor of Victimology and Human Security at Tilburg University in The Netherlands, Georgia is now one of the safest places in Europe and its capital, Tbilisi, has become one of the safest capitals in the Western world, comparable to Lisbon or Vienna. The results of … Continue reading