About Sights – Martvili Canyons

The Martvili Canyons (Georgian: მარტვილის კანიონი) in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region are named after the nearby town of Martvili. The spectacular canyons, caves and waterfalls were formed over time by the Abasha River and feature beautiful green and blue colors.

Martvili Canyon

Photo by Маша Рябкова

The canyon is 2400 m long with a depth of 20-40 meters.

Martvili Canyons_1

Photo by Маша Рябкова

In spring, when the snow begins to melt, the river rises to 6 meters. In summer, the level is lower.

Martvili Canyons_2

Photo by Маша Рябкова

A 700 meter long stone paved circular route starts from Martvili Canyon visitor center and crosses the Dadiani historical trail. There are 2 bridges and 3 viewing platforms.

Martvili Canyons_3

Photo by Маша Рябкова

Martvili Canyons_4

Photo by Маша Рябкова

Visitors can enjoy a 300 meter boat tour on the Abasha River and enjoy beautiful views of the river canyon.

Martvili Canyons_7

Photo by Маша Рябкова

Martvili Canyons_6

Photo by Маша Рябкова

How to get there? The canyons are about one hour’s drive from the city of Kutaisi. A week day visit is recommended as the canyons attract a lot of visitors at weekends.

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