About Art – Fabrika

Fabrika is an artistic space for creative events and gatherings based in a former Soviet sewing factory building in Ninoshvili Street near Tbilisi’s Agmashenebeli Avenue. Its founders describe Fabrika as a “multi-functional space for Georgian artists to share ideas”. The location also includes Fabrika Hostel, set up to provide accommodation for travelers visiting Georgia.

Fabrika, Tbilisi

This urban community also houses Impact Hub Tbilisi, part of an international network of innovation labs, business incubators and social enterprise community centers.

Fabrika, Tbilisi_1

Fabrika, Tbilisi_2

All photos by Georgia About



One Response to “About Art – Fabrika”
  1. Louise Nilsson says:

    Don´t miss Georgian artist Georgi Kandelaki and his father Vladimir Kandelaki that embody Georgian history. http://georgekandelaki.com/ , http://www.kandelakiv.com/review_album.html

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