About Food – Dark Grape Jam

Jams are very popular in Georgia and are made from many different types of fruit. Many households have vines in their yards and make jam from the grapes. In this recipe we show how to make a delicious dark grape jam.

Grape Jam - Copy

Ingredients: 2 kilos of dark grapes (we used Aladasturi and Saperavi grapes), 1 kilo of sugar, one third tsp of cinnamon), and 200 ml of water.

Dark Grapes - Copy

Preparation: Wash the grapes and remove stalks. Add the grapes to a deep pot.

Prepared grapes - Copy

Add 1 kilo of sugar, cover and leave overnight.

Sugar added to grapes - Copy

By the morning the sugar will have mainly dissolved.

Boiling grapes an sugar - Copy

Add 200 ml of water. Bring to the boil on a high temperature and cook for 30 minutes.

Boiling grapes - Copy

After 30 minutes, use a sieve to drain the juice from the grapes into a bowl. Squash the grapes with a wooden spoon to remove as much of the juice as possible.

Sieving Grapes - Copy

Use a gloved hand and continue to squash the grapes until only skins and seeds remain.

Grape pulp and seeds - Copy

The extracted juice should look like the picture below.

Boiled grapes and sugar - Copy

Transfer the juice to a deep pot and add one third tsp of cinnamon. Stir and cook on a medium temperature for 30 minutes. Reduce temperature to low and continue to cook for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. The mixture will reduce and thicken.

Adding Cinnamon - Copy

Cover and leave overnight. In the morning, bring to the boil and then cook on a low temperature for 40 minutes. Store the jam in airtight jars in a refrigerator or a dark, cool place.

Jam cooked - Copy

Serving: The jam can be spread on bread or used in cakes.

Grape Jam - Copy (2)

Enjoy your Dark Grape Jam!

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