About Food – Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes

Eggplant dishes are very popular in Georgia and always form part of a supra (traditional Georgian feast). There are many variations and in this family recipe we show how to make eggplant with herbs and tomatoes.

Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes

Ingredients: Half kilo of eggplants, 3 large juicy tomatoes, 3 white onions, 1 hot green pepper, 10 grams of basil, 10 grams of fresh green coriander, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 level tsp of red pepper, 1 level tsp of black pepper, 8 tbs of oil, and salt (amount dependent upon personal preference).

Ingredients for Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes

Preparation: Slice the eggplant and add to a pan with 6 tbs of oil. Fry (covered) on a low temperature until one side is cooked. Remove cover and fry the other side.

Frying Eggplant

Chop the onions and add to a pot with 2 tbs of oil. Fry on a high heat, stirring frequently.

Frying Onions

Slice the tomatoes and garlic and add to the pot once the onions have browned. Stir thoroughly. Reduce heat and cook on a low temperature for 5-6 minutes until the tomatoes are cooked. Stir occasionally.

Adding Tomatoes and Garlic

Add the red and black pepper and salt. Stir thoroughly. Cook for a further 3 minutes on a low temperature.

Adding Spices

Chop the basil and green coriander, slice the green pepper and add to the pot. Stir carefully with a wooden spoon.

Adding Herbs and Pepper

Add the fried eggplant. Dip them into the sauce and remove from the heat.

Adding Eggplant

Serving: Serve hot.

Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes Ready for Serving - Copy

Enjoy your Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes!

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5 Responses to “About Food – Eggplant with Herbs and Tomatoes”
  1. Ema Jones says:

    Tempting vegetarian recipe…
    Can I add some potatoes to this?

  2. sorrygnat says:

    your blogs, bassa included, are the best tourism sites for Georgia; blessings upon you!

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