About Food – Svanetian Khachapuri

Khachapuri (Georgian: ხაჭაპური) is considered to be one of Georgia’s most famous national dishes and several of Georgia’s regions have their own distinctive type. In this recipe we show how to make a khachapuri filled with cheese and green onions. This type of khachapuri comes from Georgia’s Svaneti region (Georgian: სვანეთი).

Svanetian Khachapuri ready for Serving

Ingredients (for the filling – for 3 servings): 500 grams of high fat cheese (we used Imeretian cheese), 36 green onions (more if they are small), and 3 eggs.

Ingredients for Svanetian Khachapuri

Ingredients (for the dough): Click here to see ingredients and step-by-side recipe for khachapuri dough (sufficient to make 3 khachapuri).

Dough for Svanetian Khachapuri

Preparation (filling): Crumble the cheese and add, together with 1 egg, to a mixing bowl. Mix by hand.

Cheese and Egg for Svanetian Khachapuri

Chop the onions and add to the mixing bowl.

Green Onions and Cheese for Svanetian Khachapuri

When ready to bake, cut the khachapuri dough into 3 parts and mold into balls. Cover the dough balls with cling film and leave for 10 minutes. Roll out each ball of dough and add the filling.

Cheese and Green Onion Filling for Svanetian Khachapuri

Wrap the dough around the filling and pinch the top to seal it.

Wrapping the filling for Svanetian Khachapuri

Turn it over and carefully press the filled dough into a circular shape that is less than 25 cm diameter. Don’t flatten it too much.

Flattening the filled Dough for Svanetian Khachapuri

Bake on a flour dusted baking tray at 200 C until the dough becomes golden brown.

Svanetian Khachapuri Ready for Baking

Serving: Glaze the surface of each khachapuri with butter and serve hot.

Svanetian Khachapuri_3

Svanetian Khachapuri_2

Enjoy your Svanetian Khachapuri!

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14 Responses to “About Food – Svanetian Khachapuri”
  1. So….the meat filled ones are called Kubdari? and meatless Kachapuri?

  2. pugmantis says:

    Oh, that looks GOOD. I know what I want for dinner now!

  3. They look delicious! Excuse my ignorance, but what type of cheese is it?

  4. V. says:

    I a mixture of ricotta (60%) and feta (40%) has always worked for me. Sometimes I also use bocconcini instead of ricotta.

  5. StrawberryGirl says:

    I live in Canada and use a mix of feta and fresh mozzarella for khachapuris. I crumble both together before using. My husband is from Georgia, and he finds this to be a reasonable substitution. Hope this helps 🙂

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