Part 2 of the Ojakhuri experience.

Cooking in Sens


When I woke up this morning I was momentarily “pris de panique”.  The problem with cooking in parts is that if you screw it up, you can’t just not post, something has to be said.  That’s almost like pressure!  We don’t like pressure around this blog, so I decided that if I screwed it up, I’d take pictures anyway and rename my blog, Cooking in Hell.  Panic vanquished!  I did not screw up but at least I had a plan 🙂


Besides looking and sounding delicious, the ojakhuri’s pork preparation and cooking techniques are similar to the ones used for Haitian griot  I knew this was going to be good!


This is the second recipe I have tried from Georgia About and I’d just like to say that Georgians know how to cook and eat real food!  Georgian cuisine is new to me but I find the exotic…

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