About Achievements – Restoration of Telavi

Celebrations were held in the town of Telavi in Georgia’s Kakheti Region to mark the completion of the first stage of the restoration of the town.

Telavi (Georgian: თელავი) is the largest town in Georgia’s Kakheti region.

Restoration works began in March of this year and stage 1 (the town center) was completed in September.

An electric bus takes visitors on a tour of the newly restored town center.

The town’s Nadikvari park has been refurbished and an open air theater/concert arena built.

A number of the restored buildings in the town center house art and craft shops.

Kakheti is the main wine producing region of Georgia and the town of Telavi is at its centre with numerous wine cellars. This is the best place to taste Georgia’s fine wines .

Telavi is rich in history and contains imposing fortifications, churches and a well preserved royal palace (Batonis Tsikhe built in the 17th century). It also has a 900 year old tree (45 meters high, 12.4 meters around the trunk).

There is lots to see in Telavi. It’s also beautiful at night!

GEORGIA ABOUT congratulates the citizens of Telavi – you have a beautiful town!

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3 Responses to “About Achievements – Restoration of Telavi”
  1. It really is beautiful!

  2. sorrygnat says:

    wonderful, creative, enchanting

  3. Each post is a treasure! Keep up the great work!!! What a great looking city! amazing!

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