About Sights – Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi

On 23 June 2012 a new aerial tramway opened in Tbilisi. It connects the newly constructed Rike Park, that sits just across the Mtkvari river from the Old Town, with Narikala, the fortress that overlooks the city.

The terminus at Rike Park with the Bridge Of Peace in the Background

A one-way journey costs 1 GEL. You will need the plastic card that is used for travel on the Metro as cash is not accepted. A card can be purchased at the kiosk for 2 GEL if you don’t already have one.

You won’t usually have to wait long as the cars are frequent.

The cars are comfortable, air conditioned and have large, tinted windows that provide excellent all round views. There are signs to warn against standing whilst the car is travelling.

The journey takes you across the Mtkvari river, over the recently renovated rooftops and buildings of the Old Town, and up to Narikala in just under 2 minutes.

The views of the city are stunning

When you disembark at Narikala you are not encouraged to linger on the platform for safety reasons. Don’t worry, you can take great pictures of the cars arriving and departing from outside the platform. Use the revolving barrier to exit.

 Aerial Tramway Terminus at Narikala

Three of Tbilisi’s visitor attractions are just a short walk away.

The Ancient Fortress of Narikala (dating from the 4th century)

The 300 year old Botanical Garden

Kartlis Deda (Georgian: ქართლის დედა; Mother of Kartli)

The aerial tramway is a fast and hugely enjoyable way to reach Narikala. Before this, getting to Narikala Fortress and Kartlis Deda involved a steep walk through the Old Town.

After visiting all three attractions we returned to Rike Park by the aerial tramway and were treated to stunning late afternoon views of the Bridge of Peace

We will share our visit to the Fortress of Narikala, the Botanical Garden, Kartlis Dedaand the Bridge of Peace in future posts.

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13 Responses to “About Sights – Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi”
  1. rumpydog says:

    That is awesome!

    • It’s the fastest way to get to Narikala fortress. Before it was built a trip to the fortress meant a climb up a very steep hill! The tramway takes less than 2 minutes!

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Great pictures. That tramway is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. Hugs

  3. Hodaya says:

    Hi. We would like to come to a ride in the aerial tramway. What are the opening hours?

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