About Food – Spinach Pkhali

Pkhali or Fkhali (Georgian: ფხალი) is a popular dish that can be made with many different types of leaves, including spinach, nettles, cabbage and beetroot. It can also be made with vegetables and nuts. In this recipe we show how to make Pkhali with spinach. Ingredients: 1.5 kilos of spinach, 400 grams of walnuts, 2 … Continue reading

About Food – Ekala (ეკალა)

The Ekala (ეკალა) plant (Smelax excelsa) is a type of spinach used in the cuisine of the Imereti region of Georgia (Georgian: იმერეთი). In this recipe we will show how to prepare and cook Ekala. Ingredients (2-3 servings): 1 kilo of fresh Ekala, 200 grams of walnuts, 1 clove of garlic, 1 medium size onion, 3-4 tbs of wine … Continue reading