About Sights – Ferris Wheel at Mtatsminda Park

The 80 meter (262 feet) Ferris wheel at Mtatsminda Park (მთაწმინდის პარკი) stands at the very edge of Mount Mtatsminda and provides spectacular views of Tbilisi from a height of 324 meters (1000 feet). This popular visitor attraction was opened in 2010 and offers a 15 minute ride. How to get there? Mtatsminda Park can be reached … Continue reading

About Sights – Roller Coaster at Mtatsminda Park

Located on Mtatsminda Mountain, 800-meters above the city of Tbilisi, Mtatsminda Park (known as Bombora) spreads over more than 1 sq km. Attractions include a flume ride, a Ferris Wheel, numerous children’s rides and a 60 meter high roller coaster that incorporates a loop and double corkscrew. The roller coaster is 500 meters long and the ride takes 1.5 minutes to complete. Georgia … Continue reading

About Sights – Tbilisi Funicular Railway

The Tiflis Funicular railway was constructed to develop the uninhabited Mtatsminda plateau that overlooks the city and was opened on 27 March 1905. The railway carriage accommodated up to 50 people and the journey time was 6 minutes. Vaso Kvavilashvili, the first locomotive-driver of the Funicular recalls: “At first people feared that the rope might … Continue reading

About Sights – Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi

Mtatsminda is the mountain topped by the 210m-high TV mast that overlooks central Tbilisi. Located 800-metres above the city Mtatsminda Park (known as Bombora) spreads over more than 1 sq km and has been a popular fun spot for generations. In the days of the Soviet Union, Mtatsminda Park was the third most visited public park in the USSR, Gorky … Continue reading