About History – Freedom Square in Tbilisi

Freedom Square (Georgian: თავისუფლების მოედანი) in the center of Tbilisi has undergone several name changes in its 200 year history. Built in the early 19th century in a neo-classical style with Moorish architectural elements, it was originally named Pashkevich-Erivanskaya Square (Georgian: ერევანსკი მოედანი) in honor of Ivan Paskevich, a Ukrainian general of the Russian Imperial … Continue reading


About History – The Yerevan Square “expropriation”

An audacious and bloody robbery, involving Joseph Stalin, took place in Tiflis (old name for Tbilisi) in 1907. Organized by the Bolsheviks, it netted the equivalent of 4 million US dollars in today’s money. In April 1907 leading Bolsheviks, including Lenin and Stalin, met in Berlin to discuss a robbery to obtain funds for their revolutionary activities. … Continue reading