About Sights – 19th Century Mosques in Ajara

Ajara (Georgian: აჭარა) is an autonomous republic of Georgia located in the southwestern corner of the country, bordered by Turkey to the south and the eastern end of the Black Sea. According to 2006 estimates by the Department of Statistics of Ajara, 30% of Ajara’s population are Muslim. Islam spread to Ajara as a consequence of the Ottoman Empire’s occupation … Continue reading

About Sights – Nekresi Monastery

Nekresi Monastery (Georgian: ნეკრესის მონასტერში) is one of the largest monastery complexes in the Kakheti region of Georgia and was founded by St. Abibos Nekreseli, one of the famous thirteen Syrian fathers. Situated on top of a steep hill overlooking the Alazani valley, the complex contains various ecclesiastical buildings built at different times, including: the Blessed Virgin Church … Continue reading

About Sights – St. George’s Church and Monastery complex in the village of Ubisa

St. George’s Monastery is situated in the village of Ubisa (Georgian: უბისა) in the Imereti region of Georgia. The monastic complex comprises the 9th-century St. George’s Monastery founded by St. Gregory, a tower and fragments of a 12th-century defensive wall. The four-storey tower was built by Simon Chkondideli in 1141. The monastery contains a unique … Continue reading

About Sights – Gelati Monastery

Gelati (Georgian: გელათის მონასტერი) is a monastic complex near Kutaisi in Imereti region in western Georgia. Built between the 12th and 17th centuries, it contains wonderful mosaics and wall paintings and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. David IV “the Builder”, also known as David II (Georgian: დავით აღმაშენებელი) founded the monastery and is … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Restoration of Bagrati Church

The restoration of Bagrati Church (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი) in the city of Kutaisi was completed in August this year. Named after Bagrat III, the first king of a unified Georgia, this early 11th century church is seen as a symbol of the unity of the Georgian state. Devastated by an explosion during an invasion of the Kingdom of Imereti by … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Bagrati Church Receives New Cross

August 17 was declared a one-off public holiday in Georgia’s second-largest city, Kutaisi. The cause for celebration was the placing of a 2.14 meter bronze cross on top of the recently restored dome of Bagrati Church (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი) in the city of Kutaisi, in the region of Imereti. President Saakashvili, Archbishop Kalistrate of the Georgian Orthodox Church … Continue reading

About Sights – Svetitskhoveli (The Life Giving Pillar) Cathedral

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Georgian: სვეტიცხოველი) in the old capital of Mtskheta (Georgian: მცხეთა)  stands on the site chosen by St. Nino as the place for the first church in Georgia. Situated at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, the cathedral was built by architect Arsukidze in the early 11th century and is the place where Georgian kings … Continue reading

About Sights – Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity Church (Georgian: წმინდა სამება) is a popular name for the Holy Trinity Church near the village of Gergeti outside the town of Stepantsminda (Georgian: სტეფანწმინდა) in north-eastern Georgia. The church is situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri (the left tributary of the river Terek) close to Georgia’s 3rd highest mountain, Mt. Kazbegi. View of Stepantsminda … Continue reading