About Architecture – New Bridge over the River Borjomula

A new pedestrian bridge is to be built across the River Borjomula near Borjomi Park in the spa town of Borjomi (Georgian: ბორჯომი) in Samtskhe – Javakheti region of Georgia.

Borjomi is famous for its mineral springs which were discovered over one thousand years ago. The water is of volcanic origin, pushed up to the surface from 1500m below ground by natural carbon dioxide pressure.

Borjomi mineral water is sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

The fluidity of the design of the new bridge is quite stunning and perfectly symbolizes the restorative water that has made Borjomi famous.

The new bridge is a stunning example of the wave of new Georgian architecture that is capturing imaginations worldwide.

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11 Responses to “About Architecture – New Bridge over the River Borjomula”
  1. That is cool! Now we bet your skateboarders have the times of their lives on that! 🙂

  2. eripanwkevin says:

    OMD! What an amazing bridge this is! Soo cool! especially with the lights at night! 🙂
    Who is the architect? Woof?

  3. טליה says:

    עםכל מאמר שאתה כותב בבלוג אני מעריצה יותר את הארץ המדהימה שלך שרק לא מזמן הייתה חורבות ועוני,איזו מערכת שיקום ופיתוח נפלאה הקמתם,איזו השקעה מדהימה באדריכלות,תרבות ואנושיות,אני מעריצה אתכם.תבורכו

  4. fostrickson says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  5. Jodi Stone says:

    Very cool. It took me a minute to figure out how it worked. LOL

  6. Wow you are right “stunning”!

  7. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    That is really nice. I love the way it lights up at night so pretty! Hugs

  8. pugmantis says:

    Wow. There is a LOT going on in Georgia that is beautiful and exciting. Amazing!

  9. With each post you do, I become more and more enamoured with Georgia. That is probably the most unique and beautiful bridge I have yet seen.

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