About Architecture – Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (Georgian: საქართველოს შინაგან საქმეთა სამინისტრო) is the state law enforcement agency of Georgia.

The Ministry’s headquarters is near the Kakheti highway, between Tbilisi International Airport and the city center.

Designed by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi (who also designed Tbilisi’s Bridge of Peace), this wavy ribbon of blue glass appears to float above a flat expanse of grass and water.

A 1000sqm pool with a depth of 30 cm was constructed in front of the building to reflect the glass facade. The effect is spectacular, especially at night.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters Building

If the glass ribbon shape appears familiar it’s probably because Michele De Lucchi also designed the Bridge of Peace that spans the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi: Find an article here.

21 Responses to “About Architecture – Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters”
  1. puzzle says:

    looks fantastic!

  2. That is spectacular!! Kind of reminds me of a roller coaster.

  3. Jodi Stone says:

    That is a really unique building, do you know if it’s a special glass? I imagine in winter it would be quite cold.

    • In one of the close up pictures you can see how the glass is suspended. I don’t know how it is heated but I suspect that the architects found a solution for heating the large internal spaces.

  4. Dianda says:

    Look like a wave of water!

  5. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Wow! That is a lot of glass…but oh, so beautiful. I love the night shot. Amazing! Hugs

  6. Marie says:

    Beautiful building 🙂 🙂

  7. oregonmike98 says:

    I love how the architects in your county are willing to take a chance on their designs, its so inspiring.

  8. pugmantis says:

    Wow, gorgeous! Reminds me of Frenk Gehry and the Art Gallery of Ontario: http://www.ago.net/transformation/

  9. 2browndawgs says:

    That is an interesting building. I wonder if it is difficult to heat and cool with all of that glass.

  10. The glass is tinted so I suspect the architects carefully considered the heating/cooling implications of such a large expanse of glass.

  11. Annie Smith says:

    Towers and old buildings are excellent in Georgia, but new ones are fantastic too, especially this one!

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