About Food – How to make Churchkhela

Churchkhela (Georgian:  ჩურჩხელა) is a traditional sausage-shaped candy made by repeatedly dipping a long string of nuts in tatara – a mixture of flour, sugar and Badagi (concentrated fresh grape juice). Georgians usually make Churchkhela in the Autumn when grapes and nuts are harvested. Churchkhela can also be made with dried fruit (such as peach, apple or plum) and pumpkin seeds. … Continue reading

About Food – Churchkhela (Georgian ‘Snickers’)

Churchkhela (Georgian:  ჩურჩხელა) is a traditional sausage-shaped candy originating from the Caucasus region. It is a very popular food, combining two of Georgia’s favorites – grapes and nuts. Made by repeatedly dipping a long string of nuts in concentrated fresh grape juice it is delicious and nutritious and often called the Georgian ‘Snickers’! Georgian warriors carried Churchkhelas with them because they contain … Continue reading