About Culture – Ensemble Rustavi

The Georgian State Academic Folk Song and Dance Ensemble or Ensemble Rustavi was awarded the UNESCO Pacha Prize in 2001 for the safeguarding and promotion of Georgian polyphonic singing. Created in 1968 by Anzor Erkomaishvili, the Ensemble Rustavi has done much to promote Georgian folk songs and traditional dances. It has performed in over 4,000 … Continue reading

About Culture – Georgian Dance (Part 1)

Georgian dance (Georgian: ქართული ცეკვა) is a celebration of life and of Georgia’s rich and diverse culture. Each dance portrays the characteristics of the region in which it originated. The mountain dances, such as Khevsuruli or Mtiuluri, are different from valley or lowland dances — e.g. Acharuli and Davluri. The costumes are different for every dance and resemble … Continue reading