About History – Georgian Military Road

The Georgian Military Road (საქართველოს სამხედრო გზა) is the historic name for a major route through the Caucasus from Georgia to Russia. The 208 kilometer road from Tbilisi (Georgia) to Vladikavkaz (Russia) follows the traditional route used by invaders and traders throughout the ages. Although the route has been used since ancient times, the Georgian … Continue reading

About Sights – Dariali Gorge

The Dariali Gorge (Georgian: დარიალის ხეობა) is a river gorge at the east base of Mount Kazbegi on the border between Russia and Georgia.  The local people call themselves the Mokheve (habitants of the gorge). The gorge has become known as one of the most romantic places in the Caucasus and has been immortalized in Russian poetry, notably by Lermontov … Continue reading