About Food – Tarragon and Egg Flaky Pastry

Tarragon and Egg Pastry - Copy

Georgians are very fond of the herb tarragon, which they call tarkhuna (Georgian: ტარხუნა), and find many ways to eat it, including adding it to meat stews, grilled trout and herb salads. There is even an emerald green tarragon-flavored soda drink! In this recipe we will show you how to make a popular Georgian tarragon and egg flaky pastry. Ingredients … Continue reading

About Food – Pear Muraba

Pear Muraba

Pear Muraba is a delicious preserve made with pears and sugar and flavored with cloves and vanilla. It is eaten as a dessert and can be used as an ingredient in cakes. Ingredients: 2 kilos of firm pears (not over ripe), 1.5 kilos of sugar, 5 cloves, a third of a tsp of vanilla powder and 1.5 liters of … Continue reading

About Food – Chicken Liver with Red Onions and Spices

Liver Mtsvadi

Chicken liver is popular in Georgia and often eaten together with lobiani. In this recipe we show how to make a delicious chicken liver dish made with onions, wine and a special Georgian spice mix. Ingredients: 1 kilo of chicken liver, 5 red onions, 300 ml of white wine, 2 tbs of white wine vinegar, 7 tbs of oil, … Continue reading

About Food – Quince Muraba

Quince Muraba - Copy

Quince is bright golden-yellow when it matures in late autumn and has a strongly perfumed flesh. The cooked fruit has been used throughout history as a food. In Georgia, the fruit is cooked with sugar to make Quince Muraba. Ingredients: 2 kilos of ripe quince, 2 kilos of sugar and 1.5 liters of water. Preparation: Wash the quince … Continue reading

About Food – Dark Grape Jam

Grape Jam - Copy

Jams are very popular in Georgia and are made from many different types of fruit. Many households have vines in their yards and make jam from the grapes. In this recipe we show how to make a delicious dark grape jam. Ingredients: 2 kilos of dark grapes (we used Aladasturi and Saperavi grapes), 1 kilo … Continue reading

About Food – Blackberry and Green Grape Sauce

Chicken with Blackberry and Green Grape Sauce - Copy

Wild blackberries can be found throughout Georgia’s mountain areas and are used as an ingredient mainly in western Georgia cuisine. In this recipe we show how to make a blackberry and green grape sauce that is used in Georgia only for roast or fried chicken dishes. Green grapes are young, unripe grapes. Ingredients: 400 grams of blackberries, … Continue reading

About Food – Zucchini with a Spicy Sauce

Zucchini with a Spicy Sauce

Dishes made with zucchini (also called courgette) are popular in Georgia. There are many variations and in this family recipe we show how to make fried zucchini with a spicy sauce flavored with Ajika (Georgian: აჯიკა). Ajika is a hot, spicy paste used to flavor food mainly in Samegrelo and Abkhazia. Made, with hot red peppers, garlic, herbs and spices … Continue reading

About Food – Souzi


Souzi is a popular Georgian family meal, usually made with pork and potatoes as the main ingredients. In summer tomatoes are added. Ingredients (8-10 servings): 1 kilo of pork, 1 kilo of potatoes, 3 large onions, 5 medium to large juicy tomatoes, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 3 sweet red peppers, 3 hot red peppers, 2 bay … Continue reading

About Food – Arashykh Syzbal

Arashykh Syzbal served with Chicken_1

Arashykh Syzbal is an Abkhazian sauce similar to bazhe sauce but made with ajika. It is eaten with fried or boiled chicken or turkey. It is also used as a sauce for Abkhazian ‘abysta’, which is similar to ‘gomi’ (Georgian: ღომი). Ingredients: 300 grams of walnuts, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 tbs of Ajika (click link … Continue reading

About Food – Georgian Spicy Tomato Sauce

Spicy Tomato Sauce

Georgian food is often accompanied by sauces, such as Ajika (Georgian: აჯიკა) and Tkemali (Georgian ტყემალი). In this family recipe we show how to make a spicy tomato sauce. Ingredients: 10 kilos of juicy tomatoes. 1.5 kilos of hot red peppers. 50 grams of hot dried red pepper, 350 grams of garlic (net weight after skins removed), 5 heaped … Continue reading

About Food – Akhkhyla

Akhkhyla and peppers

Akhkhyla is used in Abkhazia to flavor meat, fish and vegetable dishes and also as an ingredient in sauces, such as walnut sauce. It is similar to Svanetian salt but is made without garlic. Ingredients: 50 grams of crushed coriander seeds, 50 grams of crushed dill seeds, 50 grams of dried basil, 50 grams of … Continue reading

About Food – Chakhokhbili with Walnuts


In this recipe we show how to make a traditional Georgian dish called Chakhokhbili (Georgian: ჩახოხბილი). The name comes from the Georgian word “khokhobi” which means “pheasant,” but nowadays it is most usually made with chicken. Chakhokhbili is made using a whole chicken, cut into pieces with the skin left on. This recipe for Chakhokhbili includes walnuts (a very popular … Continue reading

About Food – Melon Muraba

Melon Muraba in jar - Copy

Melon Muraba is a preserve made with melon and sugar. It has a wonderful, subtle flavor enhanced by spices and can be eaten as a dessert or as a candy, or used as a cake decoration or as a jam. In Georgia, it is usually made in July and August when melons are ripe. Ingredients: 1 thick … Continue reading

About Food – Barbecued Pork with Matsoni Marinade

bbq - Copy (2)

Barbecued meat is very popular in Georgia both as a family meal and also at feasts and celebrations. Pork is the most popular meat, followed by chicken. In this recipe we show how to prepare a matsoni marinade for barbecued pork. Matsoni (Georgian: მაწონი) is a fermented milk product very similar to yogurt. It is smooth and creamy … Continue reading

About Food – Peach Muraba

Peach Muraba

Peach Muraba is a preserve made with peaches and sugar. It can be eaten as a dessert or used as a jam. In Georgia, it is usually made in July and August when peaches are ripe. It can be made with or without water. Making it without water produces a thicker muraba. Ingredients: 5 kilos of peaches … Continue reading

About Food – Marinated Eggplant with Red Peppers

Marinated Eggplant and Red Peppers_1 - Copy

Marinated vegetables are very popular in Georgia and marinated eggplant is a particular favorite. In this family recipe we show how to marinate eggplant with sweet and hot red peppers that can be stored for many months. Ingredients: 10 kilos of eggplant, 1.5 kilos of hot red peppers, 1.5 kilos of sweet red peppers, 600 grams of … Continue reading


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