About Art – Bronze Statuettes in Tbilisi’s Rustaveli Avenue

Bronze Statuette in Rustaveli Avenue_3 - Copy

Rustaveli Avenue (Georgian: რუსთაველის გამზირი) in central Tbilisi is named after the medieval Georgian poet, Shota Rustaveli. The Avenue starts at Freedom Square and extends for about 1.5 km. Small bronze statues of old Georgian characters line both sides of the avenue for much of its length. The statues were sculpted by talented young Georgian … Continue reading

About History – Hand Colored Photographs of Farming in 1950′s Georgia

Shepherds in 1950s Georgia - Copy

With its rich natural abundance of fertile soil, clean water and favorable climate, Georgia has been producing a wide range of agricultural products for more than 3,000 years. During the Soviet era, Georgia  was a leading agricultural country within the Soviet Union, providing up to 10% of inter-republic trade in the highest quality food. Soviet era … Continue reading

About History – Georgian Military Road

19th century photograph of the Georgian Military Road

The Georgian Military Road (საქართველოს სამხედრო გზა) is the historic name for a major route through the Caucasus from Georgia to Russia. The 208 kilometer road from Tbilisi (Georgia) to Vladikavkaz (Russia) follows the traditional route used by invaders and traders throughout the ages. Although the route has been used since ancient times, the Georgian … Continue reading

About Events – Cheese Festival in Tbilisi

Cheese Festival Tbilisi 19 October 2013

Georgia About went to a Cheese Festival held in the Giorgi Chitaia Open Air Museum of Ethnography (Georgian: გიორგი ჩიტაიას სახელობის ეთნოგრაფიული მუზეუმი ღია ცის ქვეშ) in Tbilisi. Say cheese – Georgian cheese! CLICK on the logo to visit GEORGIA ABOUT on Facebook and see photos and news about Georgia. Click LIKE on the page and become a friend of GEORGIA ABOUT.

About History – Color Photographs of early 20th Century Georgia by Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky

Color Photograph of the Romanov Summer Palace in Likani by Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky

Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky (1863 – 1944) was a Russian photographer known for his pioneering work in photographing the early 20th-century Russian Empire in color. In 1901, Prokudin-Gorsky established a photography studio and laboratory in Saint Petersburg and a year later traveled to Berlin to study color sensitization and three-color photography. His best-known work during his … Continue reading

About Food – Fruit and Vegetable Market in Tbilisi

Georgian Market_17

A tradition of home-cooked meals, using fresh ingredients, means that the fruit and vegetable markets in Georgia are always busy. Shoppers have a sharp eye for quality and will often individually select fruit and vegetables and sometimes taste something before they decide to buy. Prices are almost always cheaper than supermarkets. Cheese is always tasted … Continue reading

About Sights – The Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes in Gori

Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes by the Gori Fortress 5

The sculptures that comprise the Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes were made between 1981-85 by Georgian sculptor Giorgi Ochiauri (Georgian: ოჩიაური გოგი) and placed around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Vake Park in Tbilisi. In 2009 the sculptures were moved to their present location at the foot of Gori Fortress in the city … Continue reading

About Sights – St. George’s Church and Monastery complex in the village of Ubisa

St. George's Church and Monastery complex in the village of Ubisa

Ubisa (Georgian: უბისა) is a small village and medieval monastic complex in the Imereti region of Georgia, about 25 km from the town of Kharagauli. The monastic complex comprises the 9th-century St. George’s Monastery founded by St. Gregory, a tower and fragments of a 12th-century defensive wall. The four-storey tower was built by Simon Chkondideli … Continue reading

About Architecture – Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi

Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi

Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue (Georgian: დავით აღმაშენებლის გამზირი) is named after David IV of Georgia and is located in an historic district of Tbilisi close to the left embankment of the Mtkvari River. Much of the area was built by the German contractor Friederich Vezel in the 1880s. It is one of the most popular shopping streets in … Continue reading

About Art – Vasil Roinashvili (ვასილ როინაშვილი)

Vasil Roinashvili with his wife (1905)

Vasil Roinashvili (ვასილ როინაშვილი) (1879-1958) studied the basics of photography in the studio of the famous Georgian photographer Alexander Roinashvili before traveling to Europe and Russia. In 1905 he returned to his homeland, settled in Telavi and married Sophio Kazakhashvili. He built a house and made a photo studio on the first floor. He also created a garden that … Continue reading

About History – Tbilisi Trams


The story of the tramway in Tbilisi began in 1883 with the first horse-drawn tramcar. These were replaced in 1904 by an electrified tramway line. By the close of the Soviet era Tbilisi had more than 100 kilometers of line and about 300 tramcars. In 2004 the Tbilisi electric tram network celebrated its 100-year anniversary but … Continue reading

About History – The Photography of Dmitri Ermakov

Bread stall in Tiflis

Dmitri Ivanovich Ermakov was born in Tiflis (the old name for Tbilisi) in Georgia in 1846. After graduating from the military topographic academy in Ananuri he opened his own photographic studio in Tiflis and by the end of the 1870s he was a renowned photographer, winning awards in many exhibitions in Moscow, Italy, Turkey and … Continue reading

About History – Photographs of Vittorio Sella

The Svan family of Gelovani

In 1889-1896 the famous mountain-climber and pioneer of photography, Count Vittorio Sella made a number of climbs in the Caucasus Mountains in the Svaneti region of Georgia. Over his lifetime, Sella photographed many of the major mountain ranges all over the world and his pictures were exhibited by the Royal Geographical Society. In his earliest climbs … Continue reading

About Sights – Rabati Castle – A Jewel in the Crown

Golden Domed Mosque in Rabati Castle

The President of Georgia described the recently restored Rabati Castle as a “crown of restoration in Georgia”. Built in the 13th century, Rabati castle developed under the influence of different cultures over subsequent centuries and this is reflected in its architecture. Within the 7 hectares castle complex there is a Church, a Mosque, a Minaret and a Synagogue. … Continue reading

About Development – Tbilisi Sea

Tbilisi Sea

Tbilisi is about 278 km (173 miles) from the sea but Tbilisians don’t have to travel that far to sunbathe on a beach – they go to Tbilisi Sea. Located to the north-east of the city, Tbilisi Sea (Georgian: თბილისის ზღვა) is a large artificial lake just 20 minutes drive from the city center. It is a … Continue reading


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