About Celebrations – Bidzinaoba Celebration

Bidzinaoba Festival Banner

The Bidzinaoba celebration (Georgian: ბიძინაობა) is held annually on 1 October in Akhmeta (Georgian: ახმეტა) in Kakheti region. The celebration honors Bidzina Cholokashvili (Georgian: ბიძინა ჩოლოყაშვილი) (died c. 1660), a Christian martyr canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church. Cholokashvili was one of the leaders of the Bakhtrioni Uprising and was tortured and killed for refusing … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Alilo Procession

Alilo Procession in Tbilisi

Georgia marks Christmas according to the Julian Calendar and Christmas Day is celebrated on 7 January. On Christmas Day, Orthodox Christians throughout Georgia take part in a religious procession, called “Alilo”, as part of their Christmas celebrations. Icons, crosses and banners are carried through the streets and gifts are distributed to the needy. The procession was … Continue reading

About Food – Gozinaki with Hazelnuts

Gozinaki - Copy

Gozinaki (Georgian: გოზინაყი) is a traditional Georgian confection made of caramelized nuts fried in honey and usually eaten on New Year’s Eve and Christmas. In this recipe we show how to make gozinaki with hazelnuts. Ingredients: Half kilo of hazelnuts, 4 heaped tbs of honey and 1 tbs of sugar. Preparation: Shell the hazelnuts. Add … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Christmas Fireworks in Tbilisi

Christmas Fireworks in Tbilisi

Tbilisians gathered outside the old parliament building on 25 December to watch a stunning display of fireworks celebrating Christmas 2013. Georgia About wishes everyone a very happy Christmas! Photos courtesy of Tbilisi Government. CLICK on the logo to visit GEORGIA ABOUT on Facebook and see photos and news about Georgia. Click LIKE on the page and become a friend of GEORGIA ABOUT.

About Celebrations – A Christmas Wish Come True

A Christmas wish come true!

Two young Georgian boys who are suffering from leukaemia wrote to Tovlis Babua (Snow Grandfather – Georgian “Santa Claus”) to ask for police patrol uniforms and a police car. The Interior Minister, Alexander Chikaidze, heard about this and arranged for uniforms to be made, which he then presented to the boys. A Christmas wish come … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Saint George’s Day

17th century Georgian manuscript depicting St. George's life and martyrdom_2 - Copy

St George has always been especially honored and respected as a patron saint of Georgia and there are hundreds of churches dedicated to him. Georgian Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint George’s Day, Giorgoba, (Georgian: გიორგობა) twice a year; on May 6 and on 23 November. St. George was born in the latter part of the third century … Continue reading

About Celebrations – ‘Svetitskhovloba’

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - Copy

On October 14, the Georgian Orthodox Church celebrated ‘Svetitskhovloba’. The celebration pays homage to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Georgian: სვეტიცხოველი) in the old capital of Mtskheta (Georgian: მცხეთა). The cathedral stands on the site chosen by St. Nino as the place for the first church in Georgia and its name means “Life Giving Pillar”. Situated at the … Continue reading

About Events – Tbilisioba

Tbilisioba - 2013. Photo courtesy of Tbilisi Mayor’s Administration.

Tbilisioba-2013 (Georgian: თბილისობა) is being celebrated in Tbilisi this weekend (4-6 October). First held in 1979, the festival has become an annual celebration of autumn for Tbilisi residents and visitors. A huge wine-press holding 7 tons of grapes is one of the centerpieces and the Mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava, participated in the pressing. The … Continue reading

About Events – Lamproba Celebration


Lamproba (Georgian: ლამპრობა (სვან. ლიმპჲარ, დეცეშ ლამპრობ, სუიმნიშ, სუიმნიშლამპრობ) is an old celebration that has been preserved in the Svaneti region of Georgia. Traditionally held annually on 1 February it marks the time between winter and spring and asks for good weather, fertile reproduction of animals and people and a good harvest. Birch and oak … Continue reading

About Celebrations – The Grape Harvest

The Grape Harvest at President Saakashvili's Vineyard_1

This year’s grape harvest has begun in Georgia. The process of picking grapes and making wine, together with the accompanying celebrations, is called Rtveli (Georgian: რთველი) and marks the end of the agricultural cycle for the year. Rtveli involves almost everyone in Georgia. Wine is produced by thousands of small vineyard farmers (using primarily traditional techniques of wine-making), as well … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Independence Day in Georgia (დამოუკიდებლობის დღე)

Georgia Independence Day

Georgia became part of the Russian Empire in 1800. On May 26, 1918, shortly after the collapse of the Russian Empire and in the midst of the Russian Civil War, it declared independence and The Democratic Republic of Georgia was created. Independence was short lived. Unable to withstand an invasion by Soviet Russia the Democratic Republic of … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Restoration of Bagrati Church

file 2

The restoration of Bagrati Church (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი) in the city of Kutaisi was completed in August this year. Named after Bagrat III, the first king of a unified Georgia, this early 11th century church is seen as a symbol of the unity of the Georgian state. Devastated by an explosion during an invasion of the Kingdom of Imereti by … Continue reading

About Achievements – Restoration of Telavi

Electric Bus in Telavi

Celebrations were held in the town of Telavi in Georgia’s Kakheti Region to mark the completion of the first stage of the restoration of the town. Telavi (Georgian: თელავი) is the largest town in Georgia’s Kakheti region. Restoration works began in March of this year and stage 1 (the town center) was completed in September. An electric … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Bagrati Church Receives New Cross


August 17 was declared a one-off public holiday in Georgia’s second-largest city, Kutaisi. The cause for celebration was the placing of a 2.14 meter bronze cross on top of the recently restored dome of Bagrati Church (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი) in the city of Kutaisi, in the region of Imereti. President Saakashvili, Archbishop Kalistrate of the Georgian Orthodox Church … Continue reading

About Celebrations – Rtveli (Georgian Wine Harvest and Festivities)

Truck Full of Grapes

Rtveli (Georgian: რთველი) is the traditional vintage (the process of picking grapes and making wine) accompanied by celebrations that mark the end of the agricultural cycle for the year. For centuries, viticulture has been of great economic importance to Georgia. Today, there are more than 175,000 acres planted with vines. The vine also has an iconic and … Continue reading


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