About Sights – Khertvisi Fortress

Khertvisi fortress (Georgian: ხერთვისის ციხე) is situated in the Meskheti region of southern Georgia. Its strategic location guards the road connecting the towns of Akhalkalaki and Akhaltsikhe. A fortification was first built on the site in the 2nd century BC but was reputedly destroyed by Alexander the Great. The present fortress dates from the fourteenth century.

Situated on a high rocky outcrop the fortress overlooks the village of Khertvisi at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Paravani Rivers.

At more than 150 meters along and more than 30 meters wide Khertvisi is one of the biggest fortresses in Georgia.

Its 1.5 meter thick walls stretch up to 20 meters high.

According to legend, a master stonemason and an apprentice entered a competition held by Queen Tamar to see who could build the best tower. The apprentice won and the dejected master stonemason jumped from one of the towers and died impaled on the knife in his belt.

GEORGIA ABOUT recommends a visit to Khertvisi fortress!

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5 Responses to “About Sights – Khertvisi Fortress”
  1. Dianda says:

    I wish we had such beautiful places here in Holland!

  2. what a great castle! I love it. :) How far behind the castle is the hill that towers over it? That would be my only concern if I was in that castle! :)

  3. Gosh, that’s a sad story about the man impaling himself!

  4. You folks look like you’re the only ones there. Is it a tourist attraction or pretty much abandoned for anyone to meander through? It looks like a fortress I saw in Salzburg, but they charge admission and it was very crowded, despite the steep walk to get to it.

  5. sylvansays says:

    Looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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